April 13, 2018

Westerly Life

By Emily Grace Le May


Pinball Wizards of Westerly: Flip Side Pinball Bar

Everyone has one, says Mark Carvey, co-owner of the newest themed bar in downtown Westerly. And if you don’t, now’s your chance to start discovering it! Located right across the street from the train station, Flip Side opened almost exactly one year ago and business has been steady. Mark’s wife and co-owner, Dana, attributes part of their success so far to the steady foot traffic Westerly sees now that the downtown scene is thriving.

“Everybody’s got ‘a thing’ down here,” Dana said. She calls Misquamicut, Watch Hill, and downtown Westerly as “a triangle of fun, with more stuff to do than ever before.” Mark agreed, adding that “niche bars are a fad, but pinball has been around for a century and thriving for generations, and it’s only getting bigger.”

Mar 14, 2018

Motif Magazine

By Rachel Meghan

Catch you at the Flip Side

Pinball seems to be everywhere. In any given bar, movie theater lobby or arcade, you can find the games. However, Flip Side in Westerly caters exclusively to pinball players, and holds tournaments in a competitive twist on ’80s-era nostalgia.

July 30, 2017


By Erica Moser

Photo by Sarah Gordon/The Day

Photo by Sarah Gordon/The Day

Bars go retro with pinball machines

Above the Addams Family, Metallica and Family Guy pinball machines, blue and purple light glows on the players' faces, faces that can go from focused to contemplative to vexed in the seconds it takes for a ball to hit a target but then roll between the flippers.

Behind the nine machines, patrons sip on some of the bar's 55 varieties of craft beer, from Stone to Smuttynose to Sixpoint. There is lots of laughter, and lots of cursing.

July 28, 2017


By Carlos Virgen

We take you to a place in Westerly where pinball and beer mix

Some people prefer their games to be played on the PS4, Xbox, or their mobile device, while others play board games. Still others like something a little more physical, like pinball. Erica Moser visited Flip Side, a pinball bar in Westerly, to meet some of those people.

Check out the trailer for the pinball documentary Special When Lit:

June 17, 2017

ink Publications

By Rona Mann

photos by A. Vincent Scarano

photos by A. Vincent Scarano


There is nothing – absolutely nothing – that can take the place of passion. Pure, unadulterated passion. You know when it’s real…and when it’s genuine, there is nothing that can top it.

Although its origins go back more than three centuries, this particular passion gained much of its notoriety in the seedy little arcades that dot seaside towns, on the boardwalks framing beach resorts, and stuffed in the back corners of amusement emporiums.

Pinball. That addictive stuff of the sparkly, seductive, often loud machines that you bang on, scream at, shake in anger, get admonished for tilting, high five in victory, and return to again and again if indeed you fall in love. Dana Carvey is one of those people who fell delightfully, hopelessly in love and is doing absolutely nothing to get clean of her habit.

February 6, 2017

SO Rhode Island

By  Tony Pacitti

Flip Side in Westerly is a high scoring combination of classic pinball and local brews  PHOTO BY KENDALL PAVAN ST. LAURENT

Flip Side in Westerly is a high scoring combination of classic pinball and local brews


Flip Side Pinball Bar Pushes Start in Westerly

Flip Side in Westerly is a high scoring combination of classic pinball and local brews

The pinball and arcade bar renaissance has finally made its way to Rhode Island, and Flip Side in Westerly is the latest barcade to claim your quarters. “Pinball and beer make a wonderful combination,” explains owner Mark Carvey who, with his wife Dana, turned an obsession and ever-growing pinball machine collection into a place where good beer and old school arcade nostalgia collide. “The marriage of the two was a no brainer.”

Expect the ten taps and the nine tables to rotate regularly. Taps feature local suds like Westerly’s own Grey Sail and the tables range from ‘80s classics to contemporary games. Over 30 additional canned beers and an old jukebox full of 45s that run the gamut from David Bowie to Wu Tang Clan will keep those flipper fingers flipping. 

December 11, 2016

The Sun

By Catherine Hewitt

Photo by Harold Hanka / The Westerly Sun

Photo by Harold Hanka / The Westerly Sun

Westerly is home for pinball revival

WESTERLY — With lights flashing and electronic sounds zinging and pinging, pinball machines are making a comeback in a modern new bar downtown.

Flipside, at 1 Railroad Ave., is the brainchild of Dana and Mark Carvey, of North Stonington, a married couple whose venture combines her restaurant experience with his pinball obsession.

“It all stemmed from pinball being a hobby all the way back from childhood into college and then one day I realized I could buy one and put one in my house, about five years ago,” said Mark Carvey, 36. “And once that happened it was like a bug, one turned into two, two turned into four… it’s up to somewhere around 30.”

“It’s over 30,” Dana Carvey, 37, laughed.

April 24, 2016

The Day

By Nate Lynch

Photo by  Shelly Yang / The Day

Photo by Shelly Yang / The Day

North Stonington couple play a role in pinball’s comeback

NORTH STONINGTON — When Mark and Dana Carvey of Wyassup Road started dating five years ago, they found themselves driving every weekend from Niantic to Willimantic Brewing Co. It wasn't necessarily for the beer, though.

The brewpub happened to have a couple of pinball machines, including one with a "Family Guy" game, which Dana Carvey said they played "over and over and over again" to try to get better.

Many games later, Dana Carvey is ranked 1,770th in the world, according to the International Flipper Pinball Association, and Mark Carvey 1,110th. On Saturday, April 16, the Carveys were competing alongside some of the best players in the Northeast in the annual "Classics" tournament at The Sanctum, a pinball co-op they helped found.

April 18, 2016

The Sun

By Scott Ferrigno

Pinball has become a passion for North Stonington woman

NORTH STONINGTON — A plunger is pulled, a ball is released, and a machine comes to life. The objective: to score as many points as possible.

Welcome to the game of pinball.

Pinball may be remembered by most as the coin-operated arcade staple of the 1970s or ’80s, but for Dana Carvey and others like her, the game’s popularity lives on.

Carvey is a 36-year-old saleswoman from North Stonington and the co-owner of the Carvey Group, which sells decorative and LED lighting throughout New England and upstate New York. Before meeting her husband, Mark, an experienced pinball player, she had never played the game.