Flip Side Pinball LeagueS

• Flip Side Pinball League is matchplay format & free!

• All skill levels welcome!

• Learn basic & advanced flipper skills!

• Meet other pinballers!

• Leagues are 21+

Win prizes!

Prizes for top finishers in each division


Tuesday nightS

Co-ed league

Starts 10/9

Sponsored by Flip Side & Outer Light Brewing Company


Questions about Tuesday night co-ed league?
Email: mark@flipsidepinball.bar


Women’s league

Starts 10/11

Sponsored by Flip Side

Questions about Thursday night women’s league?
Email: dana@flipsidepinball.bar

Runs for 8 weeks, your best 5 weeks count toward your overall score.

A and B divisions means everybody makes finals during week 9!

Sign up starts at 7pm. League starts at 7:30pm.

Matchplay League Rules

Players will be split randomly every week into groups of four, or three if there is not an even number. Each player will get to choose a game to play and all four players will play together on each game. Players are awarded points for which place they finish on each game 1st-4th as follows:

3-player group:

1st = 5 points
2nd = 3 points
3rd = 1 points

4-player group:

1st = 5 points
2nd = 3 points
3rd = 2 points
4th = 1 points

Total maximum points that can be scored each week is 20 points.

League will run for 8 consecutive weeks where your top 5 weeks count toward your final ranking. If you miss a week you are scored a 0 which will be dropped as a low scoring week. Players can miss up to 3 weeks without being penalized on score. Top 8 players at the end of the 8 weeks of league play will move on to the finals to take place the week following.

Co-ed Results