Introducing our Wednesday Pin-Golf League!
If you have never played pin-golf, here's how it works:

It is scored just like golf.  Each machine has a "Hole" which is a goal to complete (either a score or something that has to be done during play, I.E. multi-ball.)  If you reach that goal during your first ball, you got a hole in 1 and you mark a "1" on your score card.  If you complete the goal during your second ball, you score a "2", during your third ball you score a "3" (Extra balls are plunged as normal.)  If you do not complete the goal during your game, you score a "4."  You play all 9 machines just like a round of golf, and then hand your score card in when you are done.  Your best 4 scores count towards your overall.  After 8 weeks, top players will go into a finals match.

**IMPORTANT**  This is an honors system league.  Cheating on the scorecard is only cheating yourself.  You can come in ANY time Wednesdays to play your 9 holes.  There is no set league time like the co-ed or women's leagues.  If you are able to put a 4-some together and all go out and play together, Awesome!  If you're busy one week and you have to come in by yourself just to get a quick round in, that's cool too!

Score cards will be behind the bar each week, and just like "pin positions" change on a golf course, machine goals will change weekly as well.  

Greens fees are $2 each week.  Greens fees will go into a prize pool that will be divided up among top finishers.




League Nights

Co-ed - Tuesdays

Women's - Thursdays
(Double Danger Dames)


Stein Sundays

Each Sunday, bring in your own stein & enjoy 20-ounce pours of hand-selected drafts for the regular price! Don't own a stein? Between The Johnnycake Center or the Jewitt City Flea Market, we're certain you can find one!